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Thank you for your interest in connecting with me, uncovering new insights around some of your goals and challenges, and giving both of us an opportunity to determine if we might be a good fit for doing some deep, transformational work together.

During this initial consultation, we will spend most of our time exploring your challenges & goals, and diagnosing the underlying set-points and karmic patterns that are beneath the visible manifestations in your life that you don’t like and wish to change. We will only spend a small amount of time during this first call doing karmic clearing and set-point recalibration type of processes together.

If you decide you’d like to do deeper work with me and I agree we’re a good fit, then we will spend some additional time charting out the best number and frequency of sessions to do together over coming weeks and months.

I have found that it’s more beneficial for clients and more satisfying for me when we work together for a certain number of sessions over a specific time frame instead of just connecting for an occasional call. For many people it is a significant financial commitment to work with me – the smallest package of sessions I currently offer is a bit more than $15,000.

If scheduling an initial consultation feels like a good and resonant first step right now, please click the link below to pay $497 for your initial consult prior to filling out the pre-call questionnaire and choosing a time on my online calendar.

If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to email me and my team here. Otherwise, if everything makes sense, I will look forward to receiving your completed questionnaire and connecting on the phone in the very near future.

Many blessings until then, and thank you again for your interest.


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